Glad to say vinyl copies of the new album ‘Poverty Line’ are available in Toronto at She Said Boom, 378 College St. and at Gord’s Back Room, 2227 Dundas St. W.

PPVL poster (JPEG2) (1)

The new issue of Uncut Magazine from the UK features the song ‘Poverty Line’ on its accompanying disc ‘Sounds of the New West’, and this review of the album on the inside –

Kyp Harness - Uncut Magazine review March 2023

Kyp Harness - Uncut Magazine review March 2023 disk whole page larger

Joe Reilly of CKCU in Ottawa turned over his Guest List show to an interview about my album ‘Poverty Line’ — Vinyl copies still available — Listen by hitting the ‘Listen’ button beneath the album cover

Dave Bidini does his part to ‘continue the disappearing art of the album review’ & does a sweet review of ‘Poverty Line’ in his West End Phoenix Newsletter, which you can subscribe to, along with the West End Phoenix–  bidinikyp

“It’s always a treat to hear his new song-poems and musical character studies…the sound really is a work of art unto itself.”  –

Thanks to artists like Dale Morningstar, Nurck Bison, Victor Bateman , Dr. Pee, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Gene Hardy , Julia Hambleton, Bob Wiseman, Jaron Freeman-Fox,Tania Gill, and Ava Denise Harness I’ll be releasing an album on September 9 on CD AND VINYL (first time), available to pre-purchase here! Kyp Harness - Poverty Line cover (1)

Glad and thrilled to have the great vocalist Mary Margaret O’Hara on the 3rd single from ‘Poverty Line’, ‘Enuff 2Nite’ — ya can buy the single or preorder the Vinyl or CD for the release on September 9! (at the link) Dale Morningstar Victor Bateman Nurck Bison

Pre-order ‘Poverty Line’ on CD or VINYL – $20 for CD, 30$ for VINYL, at this link:

The Second Single from Poverty Line – ‘Blue Skies’ – Featuring saxophonist Gene Hardy

Poverty Line Lyric Video —

Kyp Harness Discography

Joe Reilly at CKCU in Ottawa turned over his hour-long show ‘Guest List’ to the new ‘Red Rover’ album, with a Kyp Harness interview about the tunes and his books —

Check it out by clicking ‘Listen Now’ in the link

New Kyp Harness Album available at Bandcamp — CDs available delivered to your door by e-transferring $15 to

Interview on Red Rover here 

Article on theatrical production about Chemical Valley quotes Kyp Harness song ‘Chemical Valley’

Video for ‘ain’t gonna go down with your ship, mate’ from ‘you can walk on water’

‘Talking to Myself’ from the album ‘Kyp Harness:

“An artist at the heights of his creative vision” – Joel Thomas Hynes, 2018 Governor General Award winner for fiction, ‘We’ll All be Burnt in Our Beds One Night”


Buy ‘The Abandoned’ Here

Saturday October 27 – Kyp Harness Album and Book Release – The new novel ‘The Abandoned’ and the CD ‘Kyp Harness’ – 7:30-9:30pm, Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave.

‘Wigford Rememberies’ by Kyp Harness wins the 2017 Relit Award for Best Novel

30 years later, Kyp Harness still a powerful force | 180430Mo | Shows for Monday, April 30, 2018

K-Har Records glad to release ‘Kyp Harness’s Greatest Hits’ with a special show on August 6 at the Tranzac.  The cult songwriter who counts among his fans Daniel Lanois, Ron Sexsmith and Mary Margaret O’Hara has picked out 14 fan favourites from his 13 independently- released albums, tracks featuring such local luminaries as Bob Wiseman, Paul Linklater, Dale Morningstar and the Dinner is Ruined, Ron Sexsmith, Don Kerr, and David Matheson.

Track list:

  1. True and Beautiful
  2. Hangin’ On
  3. Start Anew
  4. Workin’ in the Factory
  5. Wandering Heart
  6. Old Grey House
  7. Chemical Valley
  8. Diamonds in the Air
  9. You Make it Easy
  10. Little Doggie
  11. Calm Down
  12. Allison
  13. You’re the One
  14. Passenger


wigad071Wigford cover

Globe and Mail: “…a unique voice and a poet’s flow. Pen in hand, there seems to be nothing Harness cannot do.”

Broken Pencil: “It takes an artist to craft such beautifully readable nihilism; Wigford Rememberies is an excellent novel.”

Publishers Weekly: “Moving debut novel…with unshrinking honesty and real compassion…these characters and their stories will linger with readers”

“Sheer brilliance…This is a remarkably beautiful but haunting work and stylistically audacious. It’s as if James Joyce, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway and Malcolm Lowry collaborated on a literary portrait of a fictional small town —with maybe a little Rod Serling thrown in.” – East York Chronicle

                                        “For those in your posse who prefer their prose to be poetic:

wigford rememberies by kyp harness on whats inside that nut?“Wigford Rememberies by Kyp Harness. His way with words and ear for dialogue put you smack dab in the middle of a small town Canadian farmhouse kitchen. Written by a Canadian singer and songwriter, the characters will continue to haunt you long after you’ve think you’ve left them behind.” – Inside the Nut Blog:

“Kyp Harness’ prose has a unique flow: word and action, thought and thing are all contiguous and combined in lovely braided sentences.  There’s some Joyce splashed around Wigford, a satisfying read.  This is a fantastic book.  Please just read it.”

– Tony Burgess, author of Idaho Winter, finalist for the Trillium award and author of Pontypool Changes Everything.

“Kyp Harness scrapes at the backdrop of reality to reveal the tired, the broken, the lost and desolate, imbuing their agony with a fine and desperate dignity and allowing the reader to be swept along as well.”                                                                                                                                    – Mike Blouin, award-winning author of Chase and Haven.

“Harness uses his creative writing style to paint a clear picture of each scene, successfully drawing readers into the novel by making it seem as though they were silent onlookers in the lives of the characters.

Evocative and thought-provoking, Wigford Rememberies takes us through the realities of love, loss and life while still managing to impart humorous interludes throughout.” – Beaches Metro

“Wigford Rememberies by Kyp Harness is a novel about a small town, full of small, interconnected stories. It is somehow hilarious, subtle and epic all at once. It is masterful, which is surprising for a first novel, but he has been a brilliant, underappreciated songwriter for 25 years.” – Don Kerr of ‘Communism’

Sarnia Observer on Wigford Rememberies

Kyp Harness featured in Words + Music magazine

Newstalk 1010 interview on ‘Wigford Rememberies’, Listen Here starting around 28:00

Interview in the Ottawa Poetry Newletter 

Interview on Wigford Rememberies in Verbicide Magazine here

Kyp Harness’ novel Wigford Rememberies available here

Wigford cover

Order Wigford Rememberies here  and here

“Arguably his finest work, ‘Stoplight Moon’ is a musically adventurous and lyrically fearless gem” – Exclaim Magazine

‘Stoplight Moon’ included in Polaris Prize ‘Longer List’

“Kyp Harness has created something essential” – Slow City

“Kyp Harness is one of those people of whom it could be said when he was born they threw away the mould!  refreshingly different…” – Americana UK

“Some writers can put a whole world in one song” – CBC

“His scathing observations feel like evil nursery rhyme singalongs that get you nodding your head” – Toronto Moon

‘Still Learning’ from Stoplight Moon, featuring Shelley Coopersmith

‘Old Hippie’ video by Dustin Kuypers

‘Stoplight Moon’ Now Available at CDBaby

Stoplight Moon lyrics here

Wigford Rememberies’, a novel by Kyp Harness, will be published in Spring 2016 by Nightwood Editions


A ‘Mini-Doc’ by Simon Hochmann:

Here’s a new song, ‘All I Need’, from the upcoming album, ‘Stoplight Moon’ produced by John Critchley

Video by Dustin Kuypers, creator of the upcoming documentary, ‘Who is Kyp Harness?’

Today’s the release of ‘Greatest Sensations’ – a 23 track ‘Best Of’ compilation in time for Xmas, thanks to Porterbeach Records, Amatish music and others, and to the production/playing talents of Dale Morningstar, Don Kerr, Bob Wiseman, David Pedliham, Paul Linklater and others — Including a new track/song ‘I Hurt’, played solo – yours to stream or download for a nominal fee.

“A great writer” – Daniel Lanois

“Harness has amassed a songbook that should rightfully be hailed as a national treasure” – Exclaim Magazine

“A Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave…he’s a stone genius.” – CBC

“He’s as smart and natural a writer as our Nation has to offer.” –  Herohill.

Harness albums Welcome to the Revolution, The Miracle Business, and The Floating World can be listened to here

Kyp Harness album cover better A Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper  concerning the songs of Armageddon Blues.

Reply from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper concerning the songs of Armageddon Blues

Now Magazine, Toronto: “Unapologetically political…scrappy and loose rock n’ roll…****”

The Coast, Halifax: “Canada’s most disturbed singer-songwriter…such rawness can’t be invented.”

New Kyp Harness album, ‘Armageddon Blues’  – Listen to it here!

Buy it on iTunes – Purchase the CD at Maple Music! And in Toronto: at Soundscapes, Sonic Boom, and Sunrise Records (Yonge & Dundas and Yonge & Bloor locations).

Welcome to the home of Toronto singer-songwriter and author, Kyp Harness wrongway626 Kitchener-Waterloo Record’s Patrick Finch wrote a piece on Kyp’s recent show there. 

Essential Kyp album Welcome to the Revolution now available on iTunes!

Artist Bob Wiseman blogs on Kyp’s song Chemical Valley :”Kyp has written an inspiring canon of songs that cover the heart and the heart attack”

British commenter Mojo Jefferson appreciates Kyp’s 2011 album ‘Resurrection Gold’

Start Anew – from ‘The Wrong Way’

The new Kyp Harness albums The Wrong Way and Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial?, produced by Paul Linklater, have been released. The lyrics to the albums are here (The Wrong Way) and here (Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial?)

“Wickedly funny, a little spooky, and captivating straight through,” says CBC’s Bob Mersereau in his review.  “Kyp Harness is the kind of guy you want to follow down the street writing down everything he says, in case he drops a great line he won’t be using.  Words and ideas seem to swirl from him, almost fully formed straight from mind to disc.  I’m sure there’s some editing and lots of thought put into it, but there’s a stream-of-conscious feel to his performance, a sense of immediacy and adventure, and you get the feeling he doesn’t quite know where its going but something’s going to happen.  You like fine writing?  Kyp’s your guy. . . I want to quote from every cut here, because I keep discovering lines that make me gasp. Both these albums deserve repeated, frequent spins.”

“He’s as smart and natural a writer as our Nation has to offer. If you have ever swooned to Dylan, Kyp is an artist that can be viewed as a peer, not a disciple.  It’s rare to find a singer that sounds timeless, unique and still topical. Kyp manages to do all three, consistently.” – Herohill.

“There will be those that find the lyrical shadows and uncertainties that Kyp raises in his darker songs too much to handle. This is emphasised by an anguished and dejected delivery that adds a powerful feeling of desolation. Nonetheless if you enjoy songs that engage with their subject and find, as I did, that Kyp’s unique vocal style; an acquired taste that’s a touch Cohen-esque, is equally engaging then this ‘double’ is one for you.” – Folkwords (UK)

“By the time this Toronto troubadour has vented his spleen and told his tales, ability to carry a tune could be considered a frill.” – The Coast (Halifax)

Both of the albums are at iTunes here and here. To purchase the physical copies of the albums click here

The CBC asked Ron Sexsmith for his favourite Kyp Harness songs. Click here to see his choices.

Toronto’s Now Magazine has published an interview with Kyp about the albums – read the interview and hear portions of it here. 

To hear songs from the albums click here

Some folks’ fave Kyp album, the double-disc ‘The Floating World’ now on iTunes.

Kyp’s album Resurrection Gold was chosen as one of the Top Ten of 2011 by Toronto ‘s Now Magazine.

“A Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave…he’s a stone genius.” – CBC

“A radar-evading singer-songwriter who packs more fine lines into four minutes than Shakespeare and Ron Sexsmith combined” – Globe and Mail

“One of the best records of the year…from start to finish, the power this records packs is remarkable.” –

“Oddball or genius? You decide…Harness has delivered a uniquely skewed minor masterpiece that allows him to sit proudly with the likes of Robyn Hitchcock.” – Americana UK

The new album, Resurrection Gold, is now on iTunes!  Complete lyrics here.

Blogger Paul Snooks wrote an appreciation of  Kyp – The Outsider of Canadian Music.

Kyp was asked for his advice on singing in the September/October edition of Canadian Musician magazine.  Read it here

Kyp wrote a piece on The Magnificent Ambersons, posted on

It’s the poetry of Allison Grayhurst!

Click Here to Purchase Resurrection Gold from CD Baby Click Here to Purchase Resurrection Gold on CD

Click Here to Purchase Resurrection Gold as a Download with full artwork!

Meanwhile, check out Kyp’s extensive catalogue of albums and books. Find lyrics and buy-me links on the various pages found through the navigation bar. Follow the link, too, to Kyp’s cartoon site: Mortimer the Slug. Thanks for dropping by!

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